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About La Villa Bella

La Villa Bella at The Historical San Antonio is the premier event location in Upland California. It's magnificent history and convenient location ensure that your guests will enjoy the event of a lifetime. ​The remodeled turn of the century location is ideal for weddings and holiday parties. La Villa Bella can accommodate up to 150 guests at full capacity.

The beautiful stone facade in the main room provides a romantic element for engagement parties, anniversary celebrations, and weddings. The outside patio areas provide a charming location for a spring or summer mixer and a fall wedding.


Our History

The Historical San Antonio Hospital was a labor of love for Frances Mary Paul.  She relocated to Southern California from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1887 after her husband Colonel James Paul was diagnosed with tuberculosis and given months to live. The warm weather provided her husband a better climate to fight the tuberculosis and live a long life. Despite the turn of events for her family, Frances realized there was something missing in the area of vital healthcare. 

After a few local unfortunate life-threatening events in the area, as well as with her family and those they employed, Frances realized that she would bring health care to the area, so no one would perish due to the long commute to the nearest hospital in Los Angeles. In 1907, one year after Upland became incorporated as a city, Frances, along with Dr. William founded San Antonio Hospital.  The hospital provided much needed service to the bustling community of Upland. In 1923, the city broke ground for a new hospital leaving this beautiful historical site for generations to come, so that they may enjoy the rich history of their beautiful town.

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